We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

Littleland PreSchools – it is our ultimate goal to maintain an environment where parents have a piece of mind while children are in our care. It is important to know that children are safe, happy and well taken care of. The essence of our care revolves around “The Whole Child” approach where proper education, nurture, nutrition and play combine. Our campuses and staff are continuously improving, our goal is to provide the best care for the little ones. There are 4 convenient locations in Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Studio City and West Hollywood.

At Littleland, a team of passionate early childhood educators and caregivers work hand in hand with families to make learning fun and provide a nurturing multi-sensory environment, leading children to become confident and lifelong learners. Littleland team draws heavily from neuroscience research on how children learn & apply the findings to design learning experiences for children. We have a continuous, systematic formal and informal assessment of a child done based on daily observation. We communicate these to parents through various channels like report on the parent app, the personalized home page, the term Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) and the annual portfolios.

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Littleland Preschool selection for your little one is very important and requires a lot of time and research. We encourage all prospective parents to visit as many local preschools and daycares as possible, to meet the staff, to observe the dynamics of the classrooms and to schedule play dates. Take your time, read reviews – there is nothing more precious than your child!

  • All ABC centers focus on creating a comfortable, family-like environment for all children and parents. Our preschoolers thrive – thanks to a “Whole Child” approach; our parents always have a piece of mind knowing their children are in our care. Open communication, daily reports, open door policy are among many tools that help to establish trust and satisfaction with our program. Academic based curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter and succeed in magnet and honors programs upon graduation.
  • Our teachers are very loving and caring, most of our staff have been teaching for a while.  Consistency and comfort are extremely important for a successful preschool experience. ABC Little Schools offer such an environment for staff, children and their families.
  • Our centers strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations of Tittle 22 of the California State Licensing Division. All campuses proudly meet or exceed all standards. Please read more by clicking here.

We invite you to tour our beautiful campuses and to see why ABC Little Schools stand above the rest. If you would like to receive more information via email or to call us, please visit Contact Us page.

Our Teachers

Our Teachers are loving, nurturing and very caring. Transition for most children is fast and smooth. Most of our staff have been teaching at Littleland for a while, our focus is to create stability for the children. At our schools all staff members meet or exceed Preschool Teacher qualifications and are encouraged to continue their professional development. Many of the staff at Littleland PreSchool are bilingual. 


Open Door Policy

We believe that it is very important to feel safe and comfortable about your little one being away from home. That is why all of our campuses offer “open door policy” – you are ALWAYS welcome to come by or to call us as often as you feel necessary.


The philosophy at Littleland Pre School is based in the belief that each child is a unique individual. Our goal is to help children feel confident and comfortable in relating needs and feelings to others and to have positive self-esteem.


We strive to provide a warm and nurturing environment that will bring out each child’s full potential and still encourage freedom of choice. The well-being of children is the most important, that is why we encourage close interaction between parents, teachers and administration. Each day you will receive a full report about your child (paper or email) with full detail about your child’s day


Littleland Preschool’s interactive environment encourages curiosity, problem solving, creativity and social growth. We use positive reinforcements in all aspects of our program.


We work together with you as a team to meet your needs and concerns in a respectful and ethical manner. Open and honest communication is the key to a successful preschool experience for children and their parents.



Our friendly staff and administrators will help with every step of transition to ensure happiness and safety of the children. You will get know all teachers on campus and soon you will feel like part of our big Littleland family

Ways we stay healthy

  • Frequent hand washing is the best way to prevent many illnesses – students wash their hands many times throughout the day.
  • We clean, disinfect and sanitize toys, furniture and other objects in the classrooms.
  • The outdoor areas are clean and maintained.
  • Menu consists of healthy meals to boost immunity.
  • All of our students are vaccinated.
  • Our cleaning product are “green” –  which is much better for students, staff and the planet!
  • Our cleaning crew cleans the entire campus thoroughly every night, every corner gets inspected and cleaned Even our classrooms carpets get steam cleaned and sanitized.
  • We do not allow sick children to attend preschool, we do not want other students and staff do get sick.
  • Cots are properly labeled – each child sleeps on their own cot (we do not allow sharing.)

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